About me


My name is Joanne Clayton
I was brought up on a 1000 acre farm estate by animal lovers, animals meant the world to them. I have grown to be my mother’s daughter and to me animals come first. My passion was and still is horses and dogs and I have been lucky enough to be able to spend my life working with both.

I love and live for my animals as they deserve the best.


Choosing your puppy


If you do decide you would like a puppy you can come and visit them in my home, see the puppy in their own environment with their family, so you can satisfy yourself with the upbringing they have had so far. You do not need to pay a deposit until you are totally happy with everything. I do not reserve over the internet however I am happy to reserve a puppy for you over the phone until you can come and visit him or her.

I feel it is important for you to meet the puppies before you make any decision, it also allows me to be happy that you will continue to love and care for my baby as I have. It will give us the opportunity to chat about the puppy’s needs and any questions you might have over a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst you get to spend some early quality time with your new family member.

It does not take mega money to give a dog the love and companionship, time and understanding that they need. It is important that the puppy is right for you. After all it is lifetime commitment you are making to that dog.


Your first puppy? 


If it is your first dog I am happy to help with any advice I can, I will always have the time to advise you if you want even after you have taken your puppy home. I also would recommend reading the 'The Perfect Dog' by Cesar Millan, as this book has a lot of useful advice for first time dog owners.




What I do ..


Animals deserve the very best we can give so each of my puppies gets a very special start in life. Dams and Sires are chosen very carefully to ensure we get healthy happy puppies. See our photos page and stud dog page to see our lovely mums and dads. Once born my puppies get the very best attention, I will stay with them through the night to ensure all is well and start important socialisation from an early age.


How i get your puppy ready for the world.


All puppies are socialised in a variety of environments during the 8 or so weeks they are with me so when they go to their new homes they are already used to normal household noises and experiences. Puppies are familiar with crates as we have them in the pens with them, without doors, and are also used to using puppy pads so toilet training is already well on the way.

When they are ready to come home.


It is important to understand that puppies are all different and a coming home day cannot always be set in stone. I will only let you collect your puppy when I’m happy they are ready to start their new lives with you, this is normally 8 to 8 1/2 weeks. When you collect your puppy they will be eating 3 proper meals a day, I start them on Eukanuba, they have had their first full vet check and vaccination plus will be fully wormed so you don't get any unwanted extra house guests.

All puppies also come with a puppy starter pack, which includes 1kg Eukanuba puppy food and 4 weeks insurance. You can also buy a 18kg bag of Eukanuba from me to ensure your pup gets the highest quality food for it's first 6 months.


I am also happy to keep your puppy until they have had their second vaccination if you are happier with that. It can sometimes bring more peace of mind especially if you live in a highly dog populated area. This would normally mean you would collect your pup at 11 weeks ready to take on the big wide world. We can discuss what is best for you when you visit.



If you would like to have a chat about a puppy please find my contact details on the home page or use the contact form.


I look foward to meeting you and helping you find your new best friend.


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